Stevens 1894-09-15

Text, letter

Received kind note from Warden at New College inviting me to lunch with him and the Bishop of Reading on Wednesday the 26th or with the Bishop of Oxford on Thursday the 27th inst at 1 o’clock, on occasion of the Diocesan Conference. I accepted his invitation for Thursday, to meet the Bishop of Oxford.

Bell and I drove to Swalcliffe this afternoon and called on Mr Ramsay. He has fixed Sept 30 for his Harvest Festival. I had mentioned to some one that I thought we should have ours on the 7th Oct as I thought Harry would be here to help me. But I find he will be here on Sept 29 and only till the Saturday following. I had four services last Harvest Festival Sunday, but Mr Trumper preached in the evening. I fear I shall not be able to get any one to help me on the 7th October, and I question whether I shall be able to take four services alone, as I do not at present feel “up to much.”

Inns called about the proposed School painting, new ventilators, etc, this evening.

Heard from Wingate, Deolali on Tuesday. His letter is dated August 21st.