Stevens 1894-09-06

Text, letter

Bell heard from Harry. He is staying with a friend at Windermere and is “camping out”. Drove Bell and Frank to Banbury. We did not get wet. But it rained very heavily while we were in Banbury. Sent £1.7.4 to Kendall of Great Tew Rectory for 4 months D.D. Mag to End of August. Borrowed Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” from Institute and ordered at Stanley’s a ream of white lined and margined foolscap at 8/- and brought away one quire of it with me. He asked 10d a quire, but said he could let me have a ream for 8/-. Paid my subscription at Institute to Christmas.

1 ream = 20 quires; 1 quire = 25 sheets. 8/- for a ream is about 5d per quire.

Cutting from the Banbury Advertiser, 6 September 1894


MALICIOUS THEFT.—On Friday morning Mr. John Lamb, son of Mr. R. H. Lamb, who has recently commenced farming, discovered that during the night the chain attached to the sales of a self-binder reaping machine had been removed. Mr. Lamb had to make a special journey to Banbury to replace the missing part. There is no clue to the perpetrator of this mean outrage.

CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL TREAT.—On Friday the annual children’s tea and games took place in a field kindly lent by the Vicar (Rev E. T. Stevens, M.A.), who, with the teachers and friends, assisted in carrying out the arrangements. Prizes of pictures for good attendance were distributed, and a very pleasant time was spent. The teachers, scholars and friends were photographed by Mr. Frank Stevens.

THE FLOWER SHOW.—On Friday evening, in the Schoolroom, 180 prizes won tt the recent Flower Show, &c., were presented to the winners by Miss Sarah Dix. At the conclusion, Rev. E. T. Stevens, M. .A (president) and Mr. Oddie proposed a vote of thanks to Miss Dix for her services. Votes of thanks were also accorded to Mr Ainge for the use of the field, to the judges, and the special prize-givers. A hearty vote of thanks was given to the hon. secretary, Mr. Lewis T. Poulton, for his services.