Stevens 1894-08-26

Text, letter

A heavy storm of rain, thunder and lightning last night which caused my house cistern to overflow and damage ceiling paper and picture of Charles i in my dining room. It was very warm this morning, bright and fine. Joseph Rimell was at church. Aso Mr Dixon. Congregation 135. After service this afternoon Bell and I called to enquire about Mr Ainge, who was taken ill on Friday(?) and has to keep his bed. The doctor was with him when we called, so we saw only Mrs Phelps, a cousin of Mrs Ainge’s who is visiting there. She says he has a severe chill from getting wet. He was found asleep in a stable and the Doctor said that if he had not been found in time, he might have had a fit of apoplexy. He is better today. We called at Miss Dix’s. Bell and Frank remained to tea. The latter is going down to Swalcliffe with Mrs Way and the Thames.