Stevens 1894-08-01

Text, letter

Bell and I went to luncheon at S. Mary’s School, Bloxham by invitation of Mr Boissier, Head master, on occasion of laying foundation stone of Egerton library. We had a rather showery experience during our drive there, but not very serious. Among the other guests were Colonel Ommanney, Mr and Mrs Graham Jones, Mrs Kershaw, Mr Blythman, Canon and Mrs Teesdale, Mr and Miss Boniface, Mr and Mrs Mosley, Mr and Mrs Highton, Mr Gepp, Mr and Mrs Riddle, Captain and Mrs Davies. We stayed to prize giving and concert.

I told Riddle as Co-Treasurer about Nelsie Golder. He agreed with me that it would be wise to pay her a quarter’s money besides what was due and to say her services were no longer required. To pay her step-father 4/- due + 13/- in lieu of notice. Total 17/-

We had no rain at Bloxham, nor on our drive back. We called on Mrs Wade but she was not at home. We saw Mr Wade. Arthur Alder’s wife, met us at Swalcliffe and told me they had answered the two letters I sent him and also one from a clergyman in Surrey to whom Mr Taylor, Rector of Warmington had recommended Alder. I said Alder might refer him to me.

I called on Mr Woolgrove, but he was not at home. Met R.H. Lamb who found fault with my advertising for a Schoolmaster to play Organ in Church, and said he had a copy of the newspaper containing the advertisement. I did not admit it for I do not remember the advertisement.

Visited John Webb and his wife who complained about Nelsie Golder’s conduct, also Sam Woolgrove and his wife who also complained about her conduct which occurred sometime ago.