Stevens 1894-06-13

Text, letter

Very dark and cloudy this morning with some rain. Cleared up in afternoon. Called on Mrs Shellswell, Ben Messenger. He and his wife complained bitterly of the condition of the woman Neal, a widow, whom their son Joseph keeps at John Lines’s and by whom he has three children. She was “like a mad ‘ooman’ said Ben, cos our Ben put her out o’ our garding and ‘oon’t let her take our faggots away.”

I called at Barton’s to see the mother of the girl Susan who is back with John Lines again. Visited Mar Sabin, Charles Holtom’s wife, and John Webb’s.

Bell, Miss Sottick and I walked round Sibford Ferris, the Elm and Alcocks Lane this evening. Addie Lamb came for poor Rate. Visited Widow John Holtom and William Hawtin.