Stevens 1894-06-09

Text, letter

Fine. Omnibus called at Christ Church Vicarage by my orders and got me to station in good time to leave by 9.40am train. Hole gave me cheque for £1. 1. to cover travelling expenses. Arrived at Victoria at 11.30. Went by “Underground” to Praed Street Paddington where I arrived at 12.15 Left 12.30, arrived at Banbury at 2.48. At 4 Harry drove his mother in. I put up the mayor for a rest and feed. Harry left for London. I drove back to Sibford at 5.30.

When at the Banbury cross, where I took up Bell on my way out, I seemed for a few minutes to be unable to control either my speech or my thoughts completely. And to have a slight headache. It lasted about 5 minutes and I think arose from wearing my hat all day and from costiveness . I felt an unwillingness to converse, lest my talk should be incoherent. I took some Eno’s fruit salt when I reached home and got better. Bell and I met Rev Mr Warren, curate of Grimsbury and his mother and had a little talk with them.

I found Miss Lottie at Sibford. She came last Thursday.

Mrs Whitfield of Blenheim cottages came with her daughters and a man named Hall to put up the Banns of Marriage. He said he was residing in Sibford and would continue to reside during publication of the Banns.