Stevens 1894-06-06

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Dr Dunn left. Mr Newton, Vicar of St Mark’s Kemptown came to preach this morning. His tone was so low and his manner so repressed that few could hear him. This afternoon Dr Hole had to take a wedding at Broadwater. A carriage was sent for him, so I went with him. The church of Broadwater is fine and ancient. It is the mother parish of Worthing, the vicar (a son of the late Rev Edward B Elliot Vicar of Saint Mark’s, Brighton) is patron of Christ Church and has been opposing Dr Hole in the additions to and improvement of the church adoption of surpliced Choir and introduction of surplice into Pulpit. But Doctor H got a faculty in spite of his strenuous opposition. But it cost the winning side over 40 pounds.

On the North side (exterior) of Broadwater Church is a stone in the wall. “Sacred to the memory of Mr Thomas Hogsflesh who died June 25th 1804 aged 55 years. I wonder he did not change his name into “Bacon”.

Text, letterI observed also a double headed stone “Sacred to the memory of Ruth, wife of William Badger, who died…1814, aged 95 years” “Sacred to the memory of William Badger who died…1803 aged 74 years.” “Peaceable at home, quiet abroad, We hope his soul is with the Lord.”

The church is large, interesting and well kept. In the “Mary Chapel!” is a tablet to the memory of the wife of the Rector of Gotham, Northants. The “wise men of Gotham” who hid their needles in hayricks, drew water in sieves etc” are world renowned.

The Rain came on whilst we were at Broadwater and continued all the afternoon and evening. But there were about 80 persons at Church besides Choir etc. I preached a written sermon on Psalm 108.1. The organist Mr Price gave an excellent organ recital, and one or two men sang solos after the sermon. Mr Marriott, schoolmaster of Lancing who was in the choir introduced himself to me as the brother-in-law of Mr Langley, my schoolmaster. Dr Hole’s “Church Army Captain” gave me a small photo of my church taken when he came into the village during my absence at Southend.

The Balance Sheet for year ending Dec 31st 1893 of the Sibford Benefit Friendly Society is pasted into the diary at this point. Refer to the scanned images d, e, f, g listed beside the date above.