Stevens 1894-06-04

Text, letter

Club day. Showery, but cleared up towards afternoon. Rev Norman R Ramsay preached, driven over by Mr Harry Norris, who put up his horse and dog-cart at Mrs Isaac Padbury’s. There was a good congregation of men, but not quite so many women as usual. Ramsay and Norris came in after Serviced for a few moments. Mr Ramsay became an honorary member after the dinner. Hy Norris was extremely pleasant, taking his father’s place. Harry ES telegraphed that he would be here. So he came about 5pm via Hook Norton. He and I called on Miss Dix. Mrs Turner and her niece Miss Colegrave were there.

Mr Ramsay told me that at the celebration of HC at Swalcliffe yesterday he “passed over” a man named Cotes because he had been living in fornication with his niece whom he wished to marry in Dr Wilkinson’s time. The latter told me of it. A child was born a day or two ago. Ramsay had spoken to Cotes previously. He asked me my advice. I told him he had done the right thing, and that now he must inform the Bishop.