Stevens 1894-05-31

Text, letter

Sent up Declarations (Loggin and Town Estate, Removal of Jenkins and Miller, Trustees) to Charity Commissioners. I worked in garden this afternoon for exercise and because there was work to be done. But it brought on a palpitation of the heart. So I went to bed at 3.30, took some peppermint and water and in two or three hours was all right, but I thought it better to remain in bed. The palpitation was very distressing.

Cutting from Banbury Advertiser, 31 May 1894


FRIENDLY SOCIETY.—The fifty-fifth anniversary of this society, together with the juvenile branch, will be held on Monday next. The proceedings will commence with a businee meeting at 6 am, followed by a procession of the band and members to the vicarage, from whence the Vicar (Rev. E. T. Stevens, M.A.) and the Rev. E Ramsey, of Swalcliffe, will accompany them to church, where divine service will be conducted, the latter gentleman having kindly consented to preach the sermon. The customary dinner will be held in the schoolroom, followed by an adjournment to a field opposite (kindly lent by the Misses Dix), where dancing and amusements will take place until about 6 pm. By the favour of Mr Ainge, a special dance will be held in his large barn, to close the day’s proceedings, the Band supplying the music.