Stevens 1894-05-09

Text, letter

Rain nearly all day. Rev Edward H Garrard, Rector of Marston Sicca, returned me his notice and “Declaration” not completed, as he thought the “Order” was intended to be “on view” in his parish and not in Sibford Gower only as the notices filled in by the Commissioners seems to imply. I sent him a postcard of acknowledgement but did not go into the question he mooted. Said I would write again.

Lewis Poulton wrote asking for use of schoolroom for a dance on Club night. I said they might have it if they complied with the usual conditions, but suggested, as it seemed to me not a good night, that they should select another.

Visited Miss Dix and Mary Sabin, also school, Ezra Green was at work. Sent Mr Langley the Stamped “Orders” of Charity Commissioners for public Inspection. He is to retain them till May 22. No one has yet asked to be allowed to inspect any “Orders” deposited at the school.