Stevens 1896-12-30

Text, letter

Rainy morning. At 2 pm I married Joseph Gibbs, of Hornton, to Elizabeth Thame, one of Miss Dix’s nieces. Dr Routh lent Miss Dix his covered wagonette which took Bell, Rosa and myself up to the Church and brought us (2) back to luncheon at Miss Dix’s, though Rosa and Frank walked home. Edward Golby was “best man” and handed me a complimentary fee. I was very cold at the Altar rails during the ceremony and shivered very much; for although there was a good fire in the Vestry and a fire in the Church, persons entering the Church left the West door open which rendered the fire useless, and I got all the benefit of the cold wind. In Miss Dix’s little dining room which was crowded with guests I sat with my back to the fire. Then, with some difficulty, I made a little speech proposing the health of the bride and bride-groom.