Stevens 1896-09-23

Text, letter

Rosa and I walked down to Sibford Ferris, leaving Bell in house with a bad cold. There was a large gathering of Sibford Ferris at a Harvest Home Tea got up and managed extremely well by Harriet Woolgrove, Ann Lines and Richard Walker’s wife. The farmers and tradesmen all subscribed, I presume and Mr Richard Lamb said that Henry Dixon had promised to pay whatever might be needed to square accounts. It was held in Mr Josiah Woolgrove’s cart-shed which was nicely lighted and decorated for the occasion. Harry and Mabel came in during the evening. Mr R. Lamb, Mr Joshua Lamb, John Lamb, Mr Oddie, W. Harris and their wives and children, Mr and Mrs Woolgrove, R. Austin etc, in short, almost every inhabitant of Sibford Ferris, except the doctor and his household was there. I sat between Messrs R. Lamb and Robert Oddie. The Brass Band played for dancers and there was some singing. I took the Chair on the proposition of Mr R. Oddie who made a brief but kind speech and was seconded by Mr R. Lamb. Mr Oddie alluded to the fact that our Queen had now reigned longer than any of her predecessors on the throne of England, and that the Czar of Russia today landed at Leith on a visit to her Majesty.

I asked Mr Oddie to take the chair at 10 pm and then bade all goodnight and left.