Stevens 1896-02-14

Text, letter

Dull and cold. Rain in afternoon. The O.U.D.C. of which Frank is a member gave a public performance of the “Merry Wives of Windsor” in the New Theatre at Oxford on Wednesday last. Frank takes the part of “Ford”, and is highly commended in the “Daily Chronicle.” There is also a good criticism in the “Times.”

Mr Langley wrote me a note saying that he and Mrs L. were going to Northampton till Sunday night (owing to his father’s illness) and had arranged with Mr Elley to take the Boys’ Sunday School and Miss Thame and Miss Dix to take the organ.

I visited J. Holland, Widow Young, Widow Aris, Widow Green, Widow Lamb, Thomas Aris, George Green, Harriet Sabin, William Payne,Frank Wilks, not in, Mrs Isaac Padbury not in, John Bloxham, and gave out coal tickets.

Visited Mrs Isaac Padbury. She kept a Town Estate cheque (for £1 paid to Harriet Sabin, one of her tenants, for …