Stevens 1896-01-31

Text, letter

Dull. Walked up to see George Kay of Sibford Ferris today not yesterday as I have erroneously entered above. The children had a half-holiday today on account of their “Entertainment this evening.” The Entertainment, of which a Programme is appended was quite successful and the room full. Admission 3d and 6d. Sydney Lines began annoying the audience at the far end of the room just as he did on the last occasion of a concert etc. So I announced in loud and not dulcet tones that the same boy was trying to annoy the audience as did so at last entertainment and that I would not allow it. If he could behave properly he might stay, otherwise he would have to leave the room and I should mention publicly his name so that every one in the room would know who the boy was that was so ill behaved. There was not the slightest annoyance afterwards though the whole audience was very appreciative of the children’s efforts. I did not allow even one encore. As it was the affair was not concluded till 9.35, and the children had been there since about 6.

Although the promised Entertainment Programme is not now present in the diary, a cutting from the Banbury Advertiser of 13 February 1896, reporting the event, is pasted in at 9th February.