Stevens 1896-01-29

Text, letter

Bessie said she would lend Harry £50 to get out of his present scrape. She had not a cheque here but asked me to send one of my own and she would return the amount to me in a few days. I wrote to Harry, sent him the cheque and I.O.U. to sign and return. He is to pay this to Thomson & Co the furniture dealers of Barrow in Furness and agree to pay them £10 per quarter off the balance due and 5 per cent interest on balance due. I sent my cheque for £50.

Mr G. Hall called this morning and brought back Rent Rolls of Loggin Land. But 1894 and 1895 are missing. I therefore wrote to him about them.

Drove down to Swalcliffe with Rosa. Met Mr Ramsay and congratulated him on his engagement. He wants two school mistresses for Shutford, salary £85 and house. He finds 3 schools rather too much for one clergyman to manage.

Messrs Frederick Inns and D. Cluff wrote me a very proper letter asking for the use of the School-room for the “Sibford Dancing Society” and undertaking to be in every way responsible. I wrote reply.