Stevens 1896-01-28

Text, letter

A delightful morning and whole day. A letter received from Frank this morning written on Sunday night informed us that he was ill with quinsy and was under the care of Mr Sankey. So we made up our minds to go and see him. We drove Ruby and put her up at the Red Lion. We left Sibford at 12 by our church clock. We left Banbury at 1.24. Found that Frank was better and had gone out for a walk. We waited some time and were leaving the quad when we saw him in the Junior Common Room. It was then about 4 pm and getting intensely cold. He went back to his rooms with us, and then took us to the College Chapel to see the “Light of the World“. His tutor, Mr Jackson, who is much beloved by Frank and is extremely kind, brought the Chapel key and showed us the picture. Holman Hunt the artist had been there some time before and re-heightened some of the colours. We sent Frank back to his rooms and left Oxford at 5.27, arrived Banbury at 6, left at 6.30. Arrived Sibford at 8. A lovely night – bright moonlight. Ruby went quite gaily. Mrs Ainge had sent in 12 boltings of straw during my absence, entirely on her own responsibility saying it would be 6/-.