Stevens 1896-01-26

Text, letter

Dull and foggy but mild with a little rain. Visited Sunday School this morning and taught. Attended choir practice this evening. Met Mr Oddie on returning. He walked as far as the Vicarage with me. Rosa and I called to see Mr and Mrs Ainge after service this afternoon. It appears that they are expecting that their farm stock will be seized for rent. I am very sorry for them. The farm is said to be advertised for sale. His brother from Tysoe and Mrs William Ainge were there. Mrs E. Ainge seemed considerably distressed but her husband was apparently in good spirits. I wish I could help them in a material way and degree.

Mr Langley said he saw Charles Hall, Arthur Hone and Joseph Green (son of Ezra) throwing stones at the Schol-bell this afternoon. My boy Hyde was not at church morning or afternoon. He came down to the Vicarage whilst we were at church this afternoon. Bell and Bessie were at home.