Stevens 1896-01-25

Text, letter

St Paul’s Day. Mild and rainy. Divine Service at 10.30. Bell’s cold was too bad, and so was Bessie’s to justify them in going up to Church and it was too wet for Rosa. My congregation consisted of only Daisy Thame and the Clerk.

I was at work at Town Estate and School Accounts all evening. Mr Langley called and brought Form IX and cash-book etc from Mr Riddle. We discovered that a paper of instructions from the Education Office sent to me with Form IX having been given into Langley’s care had been inadvertently destroyed.

Wrote to Harry offering loan of L librae from Βεσσ sub conditionibus dictis.

John Lively called this evening for a small account for repairing thatch on glebe.

“Wrote to Harry offering loan of £50 from Bess under the conditions stated.”