Stevens 1896-01-24

Text, letter

Cold, dull and windy with a little rain. Frank left for Keble. Rosa went with him to Banbury. I visited Mr J. Woolgrove, but neither he nor Mrs W. was at home. Visited also Thomas Keen and his wife. Called on Mr Langley to speak about appended letter from Miss Taylor. He was not in but as I heard that he was at Mr Elley’s I called there, but he had not arrived. I then took down Form IX and the school cash book to Mr Woolgrove to sign as School Manager and Auditor which, having tested the figures, he did. I asked him what he thought about lending the school room for dancing class proposed. He thought that it might be lent for the purpose for the 6 evenings under the usual conditions. I then called at Mr Langley’s house again. He was at home with his wife. I had previously sent up to him the 3 London & County Bank Pass Books of Charities and School which he had promised to take to the Bank tomorrow and pay in the amount he had received for needlework sold during 1895. I told him I had made up my mind to lend the School room for the dancing class, and he promised to let me know at once if it interfered with the work of the School in the slightest degree. On reaching home I wrote a note to Miss Taylor, to be delivered early tomorrow morning telling her that the Trustees would lend the room under the usual terms and mentioning Mr F. Inns and Mr Cluff as suitable guarantors. I also packed up Form IX and the School Cash Book and vouchers to be taken by Thomas Webb to Mr Riddle in the morning together with a note to Mr Riddle asking him to sign and audit and saying that Mr Langley would call for them on his way out from Banbury about 3½ to 4½ tomorrow when he would give him any assistance he might desire.