Stevens 1895-03-22

Text, letter

The draper at Banbury brought out clothing for Town Estate Trustees distribution in the school room and the children accordingly had a holiday.

Leslie Baily recorded the letter below, which was probably pasted into the diary, possibly not on this date.

To the Trustees of the Sibford Gower Town Estates.


We shall be much obliged if you will kindly allow us the use of the schoolroom on April 24th after the children have been dismissed, for the purpose of giving a concert and dance on behalf of the Sibford Cricket Club.

We are resident rate-payers of Sibford Gower and will undertake, if you grant the use of the room, to be personally responsible for the maintenance of strict decorum on the premises and so leave clean and in good order, to close at a reasonable hour, to allow no intoxicants to be brought on the premises, and to pay to the treasurers of the Town Estates the cost of making good any damage that may be caused to the premises or their contents, except by accidental fire, during the time of their occupation by the Committee of the Sibford Cricket Club.

We also undertake that the use of the premises for school purposes shall in no way be interfered with
and are, Gentlemen
Your obedient servants
E. Jewell
Frederick Inns

To the Rev E. T. Stevens
Hon. Sec. to the Sibford Gower Charity Trustees.