Stevens 1894-11-15

Text, letter

Fine. Received a letter from Cousin W Green and sent him by parcels’ post my rough notes of the Culpeper Family and “The Story of Hollingbourne”. I called at Inns’ this afternoon to see him about the rain coming into the schoolroom, but he was not at home. Bell and I called at Miss Eliza Lamb’s, but the place was locked up. She called on Mr and Mrs Ainge. He is better. They told her that his last son, David, who has been in the Littlemore County Lunatic Asylum several years died there on the 3rd inst and was buried there on the 9th.

I wrote to Rev Edward J Corbould of Teynham, Sittingbourne, asking whether he could tell me anything about the Mr Stephens, of Teynham, who married Martha, daughter of John Spencer Colepeper, born 1769.