Stevens 1894-09-24

Text, letter

Slight rain in morning. Fine afterwards. Joshua Lamb called for Loggin Poor Rate £1.4.2½, i.e. 33 per cent more than last time when it was about 18/9. Frank walked to Hook Norton and took dress coat to Osborne, tailor, for repairs, and ordered a pair of black trousers. Called on Mr and Mrs. J Woolgrove to enquire after the latter who was thrown down in the yard by a sick stirk on Sunday afternoon. She was bruised, but not seriously hurt. Mr Woolgrove said Jesse Bishop had been abusing him again in very vile language about the Farm business some years ago, when he fell out with the Valuer he employed. He abused me also to Woolgrove and said he would write to the Bishop about me. Woolgrove replied that he could do it at once. I enquired of Sam Miller, our land agent, when Bishop insulted me about the matter some time ago, whether he had any cause of complaint. He said “Not the least, so far as the Trustees are concerned.” Both Austin and Bishop are very sore and even insulting about that business, but they have no real ground of complaint against anyone but themselves.