Stevens 1894-09-13

Text, letter

Splendid harvest weather continued ; bright, a little wind, not hot. Mrs Langley and 2 children not yet gone for holiday. She came out to me last night as I was passing and complained that my boy Hyde and two others had frightened them by knocking at her door and running away.

Longmans returned my MS this morning. (“Holiday Reminiscences”) with the usual polite note of refusal.

Last night, walking in Sibford Ferris, I met Joshua Lamb, who told me that Richard Keen, one of his Father’s labourers was ill. So I went to see him today. He was taken bad with an old complaint of heart disease on Monday night, but is somewhat better to day. He had a similar attack soon after his first wife died, when I first came to Sibford. He told me that then he took nearly half a gallon of brandy in one night. It had no effect on him except to help keep him alive.

Bell and I walked round by Pitch Hill and the Old Elm and back by Alcock’s Lane this evening.