Stevens 1894-08-31

Text, letter

Fine. Sunday School tea in schoolroom. There were 100 scholars and little ones. 10 babies. 10 mothers and ten teachers and helpers. Total 130. I gave out (Miss Dix handing them to the recipients) 16 framed pictures, 9 of which were to girls and 7 to boys. They cost £1.3 at Cummins’s??. The children played in the Slinket. It was rather troublesome to have so many children brought who were too young to be Sunday scholars; but they probably will be when they are old enough. School broke up till Oct 1. Sunday School to meet at 10 am and 2.30 pm.

I remained at the school from 3.30 to 9.30, the latter part of the time at the distribution of Flower Show prizes, which were handed to the winners by Miss Sarah Dix. It had been said that Wilkes the machinist had exhibited Asters grown and brought to him by G Burden, and that John Scruby had exhibited onions given him by ??L T?? Poulton. L Poulton attended to the matter and mentioned names, saying there was no truth whatever in the charge. I expressed my entire confidence in the honesty of the accused. It was a mere bit of public house scandal.

Pasted into diary:

Lists of Sunday School Marks and Prizes.

Boys’ 1st Division
i R. Payne 333
ii A. Gaydon 330
iii T. Rymell 318
iv Sydney Lines 311
v Edward Haynes 303

Boys 2nd Division
i Albert Rimell 215
ii John Golder 198
iii John Hillman 190

Girls’ 1st Class.
i Jane Golder
ii Annie Haynes
iii Annie Bishop

2nd Class
i Celia Hillman
ii Alice Walker

3rd Class
i Marion Bishop
ii Jessie Wilks

4th Class
i Alice Gaydon
ii Gertrude Hone