Stevens 1894-08-10

Text, letter

Showery. Took choir to Edgehill Round House to tea. Hired Webb’s wagonette and Reuben Sabin’s cart, both covered, for the children. Lewis Poulton lent his horse and cart for his man Cadd to drive himself, George Poulton, Henry Hone and three or four boys.

The following are the names:

Visitors: Mrs Page, Mrs Kerr, her child. Miss S. Dix, Miss E. Thame, Miss Solomon.

My own Party: Mrs Stevens, Miss R. Stevens, Miss Sottick, Frank Stevens, Self.

All the above paid for themselves. Those below were paid for out of fund.

Mr. Langley, Miss Inns, Henry Hone, Cadd, Bo Langley for her mother, Gert Langley, Maud Langley, Golder 2nd girl, Herbert Green, Sidney Lines, W. Rimell, Girl Bishop (Jesse), Albert Hyde, Benjamin Hyde, Alf Barnes, Fred Hone, Girl Holtom, Boy Gaydon, Poulton, E. Keen, A. Gaydon, Ed Haynes, A. Bishop, C. Hillman, N. Lines, M. Sabin.