Stevens 1894-05-14

Text, letter

Whitmonday. Fine. School reopened with about 60 children after having been closed 2 months on account of scarlet fever. No child who has had the disease or “whose home is infected” (Franny’s words) is allowed to come. He sent a list of children who had had the fever, but it appears to be incomplete, as he does not mention Joshua Lines’s who are said to have had it.

The schoolroom has been well cleaned and disinfected.

I took Penny Bank and Clothes Club at 12 and Library at 7. I had all the money brought put into a dish of ‘Sanitas’ and fumigated the library books brought back. Miss Dix had taken some of te women’s clothes club money and entered it on their cards whilst the school was closed and sent me an account of it.

Visited Mr Cluff, J Woolgrove, W Haynes, Widow Hathaway Goughs. Saturday last I began to use the servants’ roomy bedroom as a writing room.

Divine Service at 9.15am.