Stevens 1894-05-08

Text, letter

Cold, windy and dull. Filled up sheet of “Statistics of Parochial Work” for 1893 sent by Dr Wood, R.D. Received “Declaration” in re Charity Commissioners’ Notice of “Orders” from Mr Trumper. As he declared that he posted it at Swalcliffe church door on April 29, kept it there 15 days and returned it to me on the 7th of May! I had to return it to him.

Dr. Franey, Medical Officer of Health, called this afternoon and gave me written authority to reopen school next Monday, May 14, but not to admit children who have had the fever or are living in infected houses. The school rooms are to be disinfected, the walls brushed, the floor and furniture to be cleaned with carbolic in the water etc etc. I called on Inns and gave him orders to colour and paint the school room, limewash closets, etc. I also called on Mr Langley. Inns found there would not be time to colour and paint but only to well clean etc.

Received letter addressed to Rosa from Fraulein Sottick who wishes to come here on May 24th. Sent it on to Rosa who is still at Katie’s.

Received letter from Louie Marshall (a niece of Miss Dix’s) Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square, asking me to reply if any one wrote to me about her family. She is applying for a post as governess to some little boys in the north of Scotland.

Sent advertisement of A.C.S. to be put, as before, in the May Educational no. of the Publishers’ Circular.