Stevens 1894-02-01

Text, letter

Received from Mr Alfred Robinson, Bursar of New College, Oxford, saying “We have to make a Return of the Benefices in the Patronage of the College in accordance with the form enclosed. Will you kindly fill up the figures for Sibford? Yours very truly, Alfred Robinson, Bursar. 31 Jan.1894.”

The following is the form filled in as requested.

County   Oxford
Parish   Sibford
Acreage of Parish   SG 1645; SF 957; total 2602
Sibford Gower   420
Sibford Ferris   276
total   696
Commuted T.R.C.   none
Glebe: Acreage   11½
Rent of ditto: Annual Assessment   £31
Other Emoluments    
Fees   £3
Stipend from New College   $150. Q.A.B. £8.8.8; Eccl.Com £27
Land tax   3/5 + 15/3 + HO duty 7/6 – £1.6.2
Poor and other Rates   £3.17.0
Ecclesiastical Dues    
Repairs and Insurances   Ins. £2.5. “County” £1000
Repairs £10.0.0
Expenses of Collection   £1.5.6
Curates   none
Other Charges: Loans, Interest, etc   none
Net Annual Value   £200. 8. 6