Stevens 1889-11-16

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Dull but dry and mild.

Extracts from the Report of Royal Commission to enquire into the Income etc. of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Appointed 1872. Report published 1874.

Blenheim Farm, Sibford. Tenant Thomas Hitchcox – 291 acres 1 rod. Rent £396. Rated Gross £350. Net £315. £15 added to rent of 2 cottages built in 1870. (These cost £350 to build as Mr. Lee told me).

Rectory Farm; Swalcliffe: Mr. T. Gulliver 426 acres 3 rod. Rent £705.

Fixed deductions from Swalcliffe:-

  • Land Tax £18. 7. 6.
  • To Vicar of Swalcliffe £350
  • To Vicar of Sibford  £150

Granted out of Rectorial Estate. The sum of £350 granted has not been legally annexed. It was given in consideration of the small value of the Benefice, the fact of there being 3 churches, and the consequent necessity of keeping two curates.

On 1st January 1872 estates in Land were 17.057 acres. Income from above £14485. Houses £2116.