Stevens 1887-12-22

Text, letter

William Lamb called about Quit rents due to Mr. Sheldon of Brailes as Lord of the Manors of Sibford Gower and Sibford Ferris. The Court Leet was held last Monday at the old house in Sibford Ferris and adjourned to the Wykham Arms for dinner. Mr. Hancock Solicitor of Shipston attended on behalf of Mr. Sheldon. William Lamb was appointed steward and his duty is to collect the rents. They have not been collected for 16 or 17 years. But he asks for only 7 years and will be content to take 6 years. The sum charged to me is 6 pence per annum for a part of the Church Close.

A shilling and a halfpenny is charged for the School master’s house. Thirteen shillings and fourpence per annum is charged for the Heath Farm and Allotments.

I did not pay him anything, but said I would consult the Trustees at the next meeting. It is a question whether the payment of these Quit rents can be enforced, not having been demanded for so long a time. One reason for the omission was the death of Mr. Hancock Senior, Solicitor of Shipston who was the former officer representing the Lord of the Manor.