Stevens 1886-12-14

Text, letter

Returned to Butler & Tanner the first proof of “The Teaching of the Prayer Book.” May God give it success!

Mrs Wilks (W. Kay’s daughter) came to say that Mr Bliss of the Savings Bank at Banbury had refused to give up the will of the late Eliza Harris to the executrix until he had seen me, and that she had written to say she would not distribute the money to the legatees till she had the will. She requested me to call and see Mr Bliss about it on the first opportunity, which I promised to do.

Taught in school. Much rain in morning. Stormy in afternoon.

Visited Dr Wilkinson. He was not at home, but I saw Mrs Wilkinson and her sister, Mrs Kershaw. She  invited me and Mrs Stevens to luncheon after the induction tomorrow.

Visited Sarah Lines.