Stevens 1886-11-30

Text, letter

St Andrew’s Day. Divine Service at 9.15.

Visited Richard Keene at Folly Farm, Sibford Ferris. Met Mr Oddie and walked and talked with him about the reported misconduct of some of the young men of the village on Sunday evening last.

Visited School of Art in morning and again in afternoon to sign the Registers.

Rev W. Merrile White was here to tea, brought in by Harry.


Letter and hand-bill pasted into diary

Nov 30=11=1886
26 Lower Cherwell Street
Banbury Oxon

Text, letter
Harris Brothers handbill

Dear Sir,

We are making arrangements for all school’s in the villages to give entertainments; and would like to know if we could have your schoolroom for one night on Saturday week or Saturday fortnight; I have enclosed one of our Bills for you to see; I would like to say I am not a stranger to Sibford as that is my native place; I have some friends living at Sibford now; Mrs C Harris Burdrop; Hoping for a favourable reply we remain Dear Sir

yours respectively
Professors Harris Brothers

The Rev Stevens

Replied that the Trustees did not lend schoolroom for such entertainments. E.T.S.