Stevens 1886-10-11


School reopened.

Maria Hone, daughter of Widow Mary Hone, who has two bastard girls age 14 and 10 respectively, sent for Penny Bank half-crowns of the younger (the elder has left school and had hers out long ago) on the ground that she is leaving Sibford this week to be married to Henry Upton, widower, of Shenington. I did not give the half-crowns, but told the girl to say she could have it when she was 13 years old or passed 4th Standard. The girl said her mother has been “asked” at the Board of Guardians’ Office. A week or two after this, however, the banns were put up in my church.

Visited Richard Walker and Mrs Austin Gardner. her boy is gone to New Brompton and they have heard that he has arrived safely.