Stevens 1886-09-26

Text, letter

Lovely day.

Harvest Festival. Mr Graham Jones and Mrs G. J. preached evening. Came to tea and supper. Largest congregation I have ever seen here. Church very full.

This evening Lord, sidesman of Tadmarton, came with a note from Mrs Smith of the Rectory Tadmarton asking me to tea with her next Sunday as she heard I was going to preach the harvest Sermon there. I replied that as Lord told me Rev Mr Willoughby offered to preach in the afternoon I should give him some tea here before driving to Tadmarton.

As a matter of fact the churchwardens have not asked me to preach, though the sidesman has told me that they are anxious I should do so and the people want me. I told Lord to expect me next Sunday, and that if Mr Willoughby came here in the afternoon I would drive him to Tadmarton.