Stevens 1886-09-12

Text, letter

Called on Mary Lively and Dr Routh.

Proposed to men of choir to put small sum weekly into bank to provide their own personal expenses next summer on an excursion to London which I hoped to be able to give them, paying their railway expenses out of choir fund for which the £1 I have put into P.O.S.B. should serve as a nucleus. Richard Haynes said somewhat rudely he should not agree to it. I said this was a free country and he need not nor need anyone else, against his will. William Rimell undertook at my request to receive subscriptions.

I spoke to R. Haines privately afterward and told him I knew that with his large family he could not have much to spare and that I had thought of that before speaking of my plan for a choir excursion and that I would see that what was needed should be provided for him.

I afterwards learnt from William Rimell that Haines set all the other men against the proposal to save a trifling sum weekly, so that my plan fell through.