Stevens 1886-08-31

Text, letter

Glorious weather.

Mrs Maitland called today to say “goodbye”. She and her 3 boys, who have been lodging for a few weeks at Mrs Hiorns’s, leave for Ealing, their house, this afternoon.

I drove Frank and Mrs Elley to Banbury.

Frank went to Oxford to meet Miss Mawle who is to take him to Wheatley for a week. Mrs Elley saw him into the railway carriage and returned with me.

We had a lawn tennis party this afternoon which was very successful, chiefly owing to the glorious weather. There were present

Mr Oscar Shelswell
Mr Arthur Shelswell
Rev F. Garrard
Dr Routh
Rev E. Graham Jones
Rev W. Merrill White
Mr R. B. Oddie
Mr Harry Stevens
Mrs Milburn junior
Miss Grace
Miss Godson
Miss Buller
Miss M. Dix
Miss Mary Thame
Miss Sophie Smith
Miss Maude Smith
Mrs Garrard
Mrs Routh
Mrs Oddie
Miss Amy Ferguson
Miss Rosa Stevens
Mrs Graham Jones
Mrs Stevens

Invited, but could not come:
Rev Mr Bradley and family
Rev Mr Coplestone and sisters
Rev Mr Mozley and Mrs Mozley
Mr Cox and sisters in law
Mr Henry Shelswell
Mrs John Shelswell
Miss and Miss S. Dix