Stevens 1886-08-27

Text, letter

Miss Dix called this morning.

Sunday School tea to parents and children this afternoon. Games in Slinket afterwards.

Gave 6 nicely framed pictures and 8 books as prizes, 6 in each school, as follows:—

1. Picture Thomas Gaydon
1. ditto (Equal) Thomas Harris
3. Picture John Harris
4. Book William Haynes
5. ditto Harry Hone
6. ditto Harry Payne
7. ditto Arthur Hone



1. Picture Edith Lines
2. “ Myra Haynes
3. “ Emily Haynes
4. Book Kate Lines
5. ditto Harriet Scruby
6. ditto Maria Payne
7. ditto Nellie Hone

The proper number is 6 for each school, but I increased it because the two head boys were equal and had not lost a mark during the whole year and Miss Dix wished Nellie Hone to have a prize.