Stevens 1886-08-25


Mr Oddie called this afternoon in Austin Gardner’s large wagonette to take us for a drive. Mrs Oddie and her boys, Bell, Amy and Frank. Mr O. wants to buy a wagonette as his is worn out. Austin Gardner wants to sell. Mr Oddie thinks he and I might go shares in this or offers to buy it himself and let me have the use of it whenever I wish. He is good nature itself. But I dissuaded him from purchasing the vehicle in question as it is a very rough style of carriage and considerably out of repair.

We had a pleasant drive through Brailes and Winderton to Compton Wynyates. Called at Brailes Vicarage and saw Maude and Mrs. Garrard (Hattie).

Frederick Inns called about the Flowershow, and asked whether Mrs Stevens would kindly distribute the prizes, which she consented to do.

I spoke to him about the church pews and said he might offer Mr Mann the pew lately occupied by my servants. He did this, I suppose, for in the course of a week or so Mr Mann and his family took possession of the pew mentioned.