Stevens 1886-08-19


Webb left for Oxford at 5 am this morning. Reuben Sabin took his goods by road.

George Burdon came in Webb’s place today. I have given him the same cottage, belonging to Thomas Stock, which Webb has been occupying and for which I pay £4.10 a year, a separate garden, 14/- a week, and his dinner on Sundays.

Last night the boy Bishop was sent to me with a note by his mistress Mrs Shelswell, in order that I might talk to him. I did talk to him for a long time very seriously, but he continued to deny the accusation. I sent him home telling him that if he were really guilty and his conscience should smite him, to return at once to me. He shortly returned with his mother, and made a full confession: so that my words after all had really touched the boy’s conscience.

Miss Maria Dix called and asked whether I should object to George Poulton playing the organ at one of the services on Sunday. I replied that if she wished to ask him I should not object – but that I had no desire to have experimental performances in church. It appeared that she merely thought he would like to be asked to play. I reminded her that those who played the organ should always practice with the choir beforehand if they wished to avoid a break-down.

She also told me about John Holtom’s cruelty to the boy Daniel Alcock. I told her I was watching the case. She said that William Payne was ill, having had a slight paralytic? seizure.

I went to see William Payne and found him in bed downstairs: better than he had been.

Drove Harry to Banbury and brought out Amy Ferguson on a visit.