Stevens 1886-07-30

Text, letter

Taught in School from 9.30 to 10.45. Miss Somerton asked for my signature to her receipt for pension.

Ada Harris, daughter of my tenant, brought the rent, or rather balance due after deducting £6. 14. for butter etc from December 23 last to July 30 today. She had made a mistake of 10/- in adding up the book, charging me 10/- too much. As I added up the columns of figures I discovered it. The poor girl was much disconcerted, but I was sure it was a mere accident as she is an exceedingly careful and good girl.

Today being Frank’s 11th birthday, he had a little garden party, his guests being Mr Macdonald’s two nice little girls with their governess and Bessie and Daisy Thame. Mrs Macdonald sent them here in a charming little pony carriage driven by their young groom. It caused quite a sensation among the people around when they started home in the evening.