Stevens 1886-07-28


Drove out, taking Bell, Lottie, and Frank. Called on Mr and Mrs MacDermot at Tadmarton Manor House, but they were not at home. Thence we went on to Wroxton and called on Mr and Mrs Izat at the Vicarage, but they were also out. Returned through Shutford, and called on Mr Gerahty, the curate. He was at home and came out to us. He is much concerned as to the future, as he was curate to the late Canon Payne, and of course does not know but that he will soon have to leave, which to a man of his years 76 or 77 probably, if not more, is a sad prospect.

Visited Thomas Wilks and Anna Aris.

Miss Maria Dix called about the Choir children’s excursion to Edge Hill which is proposed for Tuesday August 10th. I gave her 5/- towards it and said I would give more if she wanted it. She has managed the affair for several years with the assistance of her sisters.