Stevens 1886-06-21

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Meeting in Schoolroom to form Sibford Branch of North Oxfordshire Conservative Association. Mr Bennett, Hon Sec of the Banbury division came over. Mr Joshua Woolgrove was elected Chairman, Daniel Sabin Vice-chairman and George Padbury Secretary. I said I thought a layman should be Chairman and therefore proposed Mr Woolgrove. Not many were present as the Band of Hope Tea and Entertainment were going on.

Mr Elley had told the children they should not be absent from school to attend the tea which did not take place till 4.30 and that if they came prepared they could go from the school at 4 precisely. But Miss Capper met some of them coming to school and sent them back telling them to go to the field at once. Mrs Elley was very indignant at this interference and came to me about it. I told her she had better see Miss Capper herself and tell her she had done very wrong, which she did.

I drove Bell and Cassie to Brailes, Sutton and Whichford. Met Mrs Bradley and her daughters in Sutton Lane. We visited Mr Coplestone, the Rector of Whichford. Saw his mother, his sister Mary and himself.