Stevens 1886-06-16

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Went to Banbury C.C. Meeting at Rev. W. S. Buckley’s, Middleton Cheney. Called on Mr Smith, Rector of Tadmarton, and took him with me. It was rather cold for the time of year, but there was no rain. Mt Smith thinks it not fair that I should always take him so we arranged that he should take me to the next meeting of our Society, and that I should leave my horse and carriage at his house till our return.

Visited the Goughs, at Sibford Ferris. Their brother from Birmingham, a very old man, excellent Churchman, and entertaining fellow, retired carpenter, living on his club, is on a visit to them. He was at Church last Sunday, and Bell and I spoke to him after the service. He was not in when we called – his sister said he intended returning to Birmingham tomorrow.

Visited Mr and Mrs Woolgrove.