Stevens 1886-05-05

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Visited Miss Dix. Drove Bell to Brailes to take a book. Saw fire at Whichford which turned out to be on farm belonging to Mr Coplestone, the Rector. It was set on fire by a boy at play, and was burning from 5 pm to 5 am. The loss will fall heavily on the Rector, as it was not insured to its full value.

Printed and circulated Church accounts for 1884 – 5 and list of Subscriptions for Church Expenses for 10 years ending 1884 to counteract Mann and Inns’s insinuation that my Churchwarden and myself wanted to smuggle Church Accounts, and that they had never seen them etc. Mrs Stevens called at Ainge’s a few days ago and he said that Mr Mann wanted to make out that Mr Woolgrove and I wished to smuggle the Church Accounts.