Stevens 1886-04-28

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Administered Communion of the Sick to Hannah Simmons at Sibford Ferris. There communicated with her her daughter-in-law from Swalcliffe, and John Reason and his wife.

Administered Sick Communion this afternoon to Mrs Dix. There communicated with her Miss Dix, and Mrs Austin.

Also administered Communion of the Sick to Widow Mary Sabin. Widow Fanny Wyatt communicated with her.

Visited School of art at Sibford Ferris, being one of the committee.

It was intensely hot this morning, but about 11.45 whilst I was at Hannah Simmons’s the temperature fell, and an intensely cold wind arose.

Mr Davies, who is staying with us for a few days went to Swalcliffe to luncheon, and returned to tea.