Stevens 1886-04-23

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Good Friday. Fine day. Divine Service at 10.30 and at 3. About 130 persons were present in the morning, but less in the afternoon.

Frank ran in just before dinner this afternoon and said he had seen a snake basking on the border under the wall on the east side of the lawn. Webb and I searched, but could find nothing. Perhaps, indeed it was most likely imagination on Frank’s part, for we have never seen a snake since we have been here. In fact I have never heard of one being seen in the parish.

I affixed to the Church door a notice of Vestry Meeting to be held on Easter Monday in the School room at 10 am in accordance with my churchwarden, Mr Woolgrove’s request. This has been the day and hour of meeting so far as I can learn, ever since Easter vestries have been held here – and was departed from on only one occasion, viz last year, when at the request of both churchwardens, but at the suggestion of Mr Mann who was at that time people’s warden, it was held at 7 in the evening.