Stevens 1886-03-25

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Annunciation of B.V.M. Divine Service at 9.15.

George Harris, my tenant, sent me a notice, appended herewith. I did not reply to it.

Note loose in diary:

Sibford Gower
Mar 25th 1886

Reverend Sir

I give you notice to leave this land and premieses at Michaelmas ecept an alteration of rent as things are so much altered I should be please to arrange with you if we can come to terms

Yours obedient
G. Harris

Visited School, Thomas Green, Mrs Shelswell, Hannah Simmons.

Returned overcoats (Soldiers’) not sold to F.W. Harmer & Co of Norwich and cheque for £4 for those sold. The men in the parish were not so desirous of purchasing them as I thought they would be.