Stevens 1886-02-17

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Visited Hannah Keene. Administered Holy Communion to her, her son Richard from Lillingstone Lovell, her daughter from Sulgrave, and Emma Lines, who is nursing her. Mr R. Lamb takes an interest in her and promises to see that she shall want for nothing.

Miss S. Dix called to show me a note she had received from Canon Payne of Swalcliffe about the rent she is asking for her house at Swalcliffe and which Mr Merritt White, who is probably coming as his curate, wishes to take. She asks £25 per annum for it or £21 without Stable and Orchard. Mr Payne says it is an “exorbitant” rent; bust as she gave £500 for the house a very few years ago and has spent £35 in repairs during 5 years, it allows her considerably less than 4 per cent for her money ; and this cannot be exorbitant.