Stevens 1885-12-31

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A dance was held at the School room this evening under the management of Dr Routh and Mrs Woolgrove who were responsible for good order, the non-alcoholic nature of the refreshments, and the closing before twelve o’clock.

I passed the School room two or three times during the evening, but did not go in. There were a few lads outside, quiet enough. Some had a short ladder with which they mounted in turns to the narrow sill of the windows at the east end of the School room so as to see what was going on inside by peeping over the blinds. The sill was so narrow that they must have held on by their toes and their teeth, or their finger nails; so that each was able to remain at his peeping-post only a minute or two at the longest. I was afraid of accidents, and therefore, when I saw very few about, removed the ladder. Mr Woolgrove told me they had a very pleasant dance; better than ever, about 60 being present. I afterwards learnt that there was a profit of 30/- which was to go to the Harmonium fund.