Stevens 1885-11-18

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Bright and frosty.

Miss S. Dix called this morning to say that she had been asked to lend her house at Swalcliffe, lately occupied by Mr Robertson, as a Committee Room for the Radical Candidate, Sir B Samuelson. I suggested that she should offer it to the Conservatives – which she said she would do.

I drove Bell to Banbury to see her dentist, “Heygate Brooks”.

Called on Mr Fortescue at the Conservative Club and told him about the application which the Radicals had made to Miss Dix. He said the Conservatives had got a room – used as the Reading Room, lent them by Mr Norris. It afterwards turned out that they were unable to use this room for the purpose, as tea and coffee were sold there, and as Miss Dix or her uncle or both, declined to lend her house to the Radicals the Conservatives were glad to have it.